Whether you live in an apartment, a house or have a business, privacy screens add a great decorative and functional element to your space. The size, shape, and thickness of your screen/divider will be determined by what effect you are trying to achieve, and the possibilities are virtually endless.


Depending on the size of your apartment there may be several different ways to implement a privacy screen. Often times in apartment buildings people run into the issue of pillars and walls that cannot be removed for structural reasons, and frequently they create awkward spaces and obstruct the view and flow of rooms. Decorative panels are a great way to take these intrusive structures and turn them into pieces of art. A load-bearing wall can be turned into something resembling a beautiful wood grain, or be broken up by geometrical shapes.

Another great item for apartments are folding privacy screens. While many units have nice balconies, there is often a lack of privacy. With decorative screens it is easy to secure your space and get some separation from your neighbours. They can either be folding (2,3,4 panels depending on the space) or freestanding large panels. They can also act as a great place to create a living wall, with plenty of opportunities to hang pots and baskets.


For people with larger homes, one great way these panels can be used is to create new spaces within larger rooms. Keep an open layout in your home with a decorative screen that gives separation while still allowing your space to feel open. Give a unique distinction between your living room and a personal study area while still keeping the house connected. There’s no need to build new walls and create a claustrophobic feel when there are beautiful, stylish alternatives.

Outside in your garden is another great area for CNC plasma cut panels. Give yourself some privacy from neighbours in an area where there’s no hedge, or place panels in amongst your garden as art pieces, letting vines grow up them to create a rustic natural feel. Or simply place a tall panel on the edge of a patio rather than just another railing, and watch as the sun goes by, casting interesting shadows around your yard.


Clients are making assumptions about your business before they even talk to you or your staff. Make a strong first impression with a tall entrance piece, and even incorporate a signature mark or style of your business within the screen. And again, shadows can do wonders to create a more dynamic feel. With the help of some direct lighting against your decorative screen, the shapes will cascade along the floor or adjacent walls beautifully.

And if you are concerned about break-ins as the rest of us are, a great alternative to mundane, ugly security bars is to install an aesthetically pleasing art piece. Panels can be plasma cut from thicker steel plate to give added strength to delicate designs. With endless options to set your business apart, there is simply no reason to opt for boring!